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Adapting Continuous Integration and Delivery to Hardware Quality

Big Data Governance: Hive Metastore Listener for Apache Atlas Use Cases

Two Years Later: APIs are the Destination

The Web Push Checklist

Large-Scale Product Image Recognition with Cloud TPUs

Managing HTTP Header Size on NetScaler Load Balancers

Event Sourcing in Action with eBay's Continuous Delivery Team (Part 2)

Event Sourcing: Connecting the Dots for a Better Future (Part 1)

Your Own Spring Test Context

Optimization Study on Processing Order of NetScaler Load Balancer Layer 7 Policies

GUI Testing Powered by Deep Learning

Integration Testing with React and Enzyme

How Developers Power eBay’s Product-Based Shopping Experience

Altus Care: Applying a Chatbot to eBay Platform Engineering

Stepping Towards a Password-Free World

Functional Thinking

The Design of A/B Tests in an Online Marketplace

Announcing the Accelerator

Optimizing CAL Report Hadoop MapReduce Jobs

Thinking Inside the Box

Finding Desirable Items in eBay Search by a Deep Dive into Skipped Items

OpenAPI–An eBay Perspective

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising on eBay

Contextual Advertising for eBay Affiliate Marketing

Faster E-commerce Search

Elasticsearch Performance Tuning Practice at eBay

Beyond HTTPS

Android Accessibility Automation with Espresso

Experience Services — eBay’s Solution to Multi-Screen Application Development

The Future of Marko

Google Sign-In Integration for the eBay Android App

Tiered Test Automation

Beats @ eBay - Collectbeat - A Journey where Company and Community Come Together

Automating the Creation of Standard Change Requests at eBay

eBay’s Font Loading Strategy

Dissect Helps Engineers Visualize and Debug Distributed Applications

Introducing Regressr - An Open Source Command Line Tool to Regression Test HTTP Services

Cube Planner - Build an Apache Kylin OLAP Cube Efficiently and Intelligently

eBay’s New Homepage

Enhancing the User Experience of the Hadoop Ecosystem

A Creative Visualization of OLAP Cuboids

A Surprising Pitfall of Human Judgement and How to Correct It

Building a UI Component in 2017 and Beyond

Elasticsearch Cluster Lifecycle at eBay

Healthy Team Backlogs

Email Tech Is Now Ad Tech

An Approach to Achieve Scalability and Availability of Data Stores


Coding Kata Month

Effective Front-End Code Review

Practical NoSQL resilience design pattern for the enterprise

How eBay's Shopping Cart used compression techniques to solve network I/O bottlenecks


NoSQL — Filling in the Gaps

Five Tools to Build Your Basic Machine Translation Toolkit

Machine Translation Corpus Analysis

Significance Testing for Ratio Metrics in Experiments

Ready-to-use Virtual-machine Pool Store via warm-cache

Secure Communication in Hadoop without Hurting Performance

Multiple Authentication Mechanisms for Hadoop Web Interfaces

ColorizerJS — My First Hack Project at eBay

Types of Content at eBay: Titles

The API Journey: Or How We Built a New Family of Modern Services

Griffin — Model-driven Data Quality Service on the Cloud for Both Real-time and Batch Data

Monitoring Anomalies in the Experimentation Platform

Visualizing Machine Translation Quality Data — Part I

Customizing Spring Security with Multiple Authentications

Experience the Lightning Bolt

eBay Releases Dynamic Application Security Testing Proxy as Open Source

A Glimpse into Experimentation Reporting at eBay

Scalable and Nimble Continuous Integration for Hadoop Projects

Finite-State Machine for Single-Use Code Authentication

The Sprinting Pachyderm: Improving Runtime Performance of Your Big Data Application

Mastering the Fire

Browse eBay with Style and Speed

Human Evaluation of Machine Translation

Igniting Node.js Flames

Correcting Severe Errors Made by Machine Translation

The Biggest Dictionary in the World

Collocations: The Secret Web of Language

Running Arbitrary DAG-based Workflows in the Cloud

Machine Translation: The Basics of Quality Estimation

Announcing Marko v3: From HTML to HTML-JS

The Path to JavaScript Next

Machine Translation: Search Queries at eBay

Congruent Numbers Part III

Announcing Neutrino for Load Balancing and L7 Switching

Clojure for Fun and Profit

Congruent Numbers Part II

embedded-druid: Leveraging Druid Capabilities in Stand-alone Applications

Congruent Numbers Part I

Performance Tuning on Quartz Scheduler

Packaging for Performance

Announcing Pulsar Reporting: Near-Real-Time Metrics Reporting Framework

How Our CSS Framework Helps Enforce Accessibility

Peer Groups in Empirical Bayes

Apache Eagle: Secure Hadoop in Real Time

GZinga: Seekable and Splittable Gzip

Company-wide Hack Week Encourages Innovation

Application Resiliency Using Netflix Hystrix

Statistical Anomaly Detection

Is Duplication Always a Bad Thing?

Fast Approximate Logarithms, Part III: The Formulas

Fast Approximate Logarithms, Part II: Rounding Error

Mobile First - A Retrospective

Fast Approximate Logarithms, Part I: The Basics

Functional iOS Testing in Swift

Search Engine Journal: How eBay’s Search Technology Helps Users Find Your Listings

The Zombie Apocalypse Retrospective!

Developer Anarchy Day

Announcing Pulsar: Real-time Analytics at Scale

A Case Study in Empirical Bayes

HDFS Storage Efficiency Using Tiered Storage

The Power of Perceived Performance

Async Fragments: Rediscovering Progressive HTML Rendering with Marko

Diversity in Search

Announcing Kylin: Extreme OLAP Engine for Big Data

NoSQL Data Modeling

Don't Build Pages, Build Modules

Next-generation BDD: From Automated Web Tests to Automated Web Acceptance Testing

Quality of Service in Hadoop

Oink : Making Pig Self-Service

Using Spark to Ignite Data Analytics

Delivering eBay's CI Solution with Apache Mesos - Part II

Delivering eBay's CI Solution with Apache Mesos - Part I

REST Commander: Scalable Web Server Management and Monitoring

Yet Another Responsive vs. Adaptive Story

Front-end Renaissance at eBay

Zero Downtime, Instant Deployment and Rollback

A Middle Approach to Schema Design in OLTP Applications

Developing Tomorrow's Tech Leaders

Conference to Advance the Practice of Software Testing

Fine-Tuning the eBay Technical Infrastructure, Part 2: Our Q1 Digital Service Efficiency Results

How We Built eBay's First Node.js Application

Measuring Real User Experience with Site Speed Gauge

RaptorJS – An End-to-End JavaScript Toolkit for Building Adaptive Modules and UI Components

Fine-Tuning the eBay Technical Infrastructure: A New Methodology

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Becoming a World-Class Tester

Early Detection of Frontend Single Points of Failure

Tomcat/Jasper Performance Tuning

Validating Hadoop Platform Releases

Bandwidth-based Experience

The Case Against Logic-less Templates

ql.io APIs for eBay Marketplaces

Grid Computing with Fault-Tolerant Actors and ZooKeeper

Identifying and Eliminating Extra DB Latency

Caching HTTP POST Requests and Responses

Cassandra Data Modeling Best Practices, Part 2

Now You See It: A Peer Feedback System for Scrum Teams

Cassandra Data Modeling Best Practices, Part 1

Page Loading and Rendering Optimizations

Five JavaScript Tips for a Sleek User Experience

German Compound Words

BitTorrent for Package Distribution in the Enterprise

Rapid Development Setup in Large Environments, part II

Rapid Development Setup in Large Environments

Announcing ql.io

Click Modeling for eCommerce

Personalized Search at eBay, part II

Personalized Search at eBay

The New eBay Motors Homepage is 2X Faster

eBay Interns on Internships

High-Throughput, Thread-Safe, LRU Caching

Natural Language Processing and eBay Listings

Data URI Sprites

Merchant Integration Platform (MIP)

The 8th edition of Mobile Developers Guide

eBay Open Sourced its JavaScript IDE


Items and Products

Using Behavioral Data to Improve Search

Cloud Bursting for Fun and Profit

eBay Open Sourced its SOA platform!

Service Oriented or Performance Oriented

CloudCamp Silicon Valley at eBay

Product Images for Online Shopping

ACM article on automated usability testing

Fun with auto-complete

Measuring Search Relevance

Next ACM Data Mining Camp at eBay

Hadoop - The Power of the Elephant

eBay at QCon San Francisco 2010

Data mining and e-commerce

Hello World!

Site Speed for eBay Search Results – Part two

Site Speed for eBay Search Results